Paper Frog Puppet Tutorial

Easy step-by-step folding origami frog puppet out of paper that you can doodle on it and pretending to be a talking frog as one of classic papercraft and hours of fun.

Origami Paper Frog Puppet

If catching a frog is not your thing, make a paper frog. From one piece of paper, you will have one pretend talking frog.

This easy origami frog was my favourite toy when I was little. I always thought you could make any craft from paper and still be as fun as playing with playdough or slime.

Supply To Make An Origami Frog Puppet

There are only three things you need for this easy craft project.

  • A4 size paper, regular printer paper or construction paper
  • Pencil or marker
  • Scissors

How To Make An Origami Frog Puppet

Bring one corner from the short edge downward, then fold it to see a triangle. 

Use the scissors to cut the rectangle below the triangle shape, then set it aside.

Open the triangle, so now you will have a square shape paper.

Fold each corner to the middle, and all corner points meet in the center.

Flip the paper to the other side. Fold each corner again to the middle, and all corner points meet in the center.

Open two corners so that you will have two resembling the frog eyelids.

Unfold the other two corners, and fold them to the opposite side. It will look like a shirt.

Fold the rectangle paper lengthwise two or three times. Then, fold one inch on the top to resemble an upside-down upper case L.

Slip the L shape paper inside the triangle. 

Draw the frog’s eyes, button or a pocket on its shirt. Pull the paper L shape piece upward and downward.

The paper frog will look like he is talking.

How To Play With The Paper Frog

Make several paper frogs from various coloured papers. One person has one talking frog each. 

Add more doodles or decorate the frog with sequin, a tiny bow from a ribbon, stickers, or pompom.

Pretend to make a conversation with the frogs. 

Create a pretend stage and make a hand puppet opera using paper frogs.

Add this origami frog to your daily craft project, weekend camp, homeschooling, or summer camp. It is a quick and simple one. 

You will provide hours of fun to play with only one paper and marker.

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Easy Origami Paper Frog Tutorial

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