Hi, welcome to Easy Crafty Pattern. My name is Ina Wrobel. I am the craft blogger, content creator, and photographer behind this blog.

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I always want to create something, even though there are always unfinished projects. So I want to share with you what I make in this blog. All craft projects here are beginner-friendly and easy to do.

What You Can Find On Easy Crafty Pattern

Paper, felt, fabric, and natural objects are the primary material for this blog. Since some of the craft projects on this blog will include the printable tutorial, you can print it and keep it in your favourite bookbinder for reference when you have limited internet access.

You can use craft projects on this blog for any occasion, homeschooling activities, afterschool classes, summer camps, library crafting club, or even for decorating your mantel or any room in your house.

Also, check my other blog, Crafty For Home, for sewing projects, gardening tips, and dairy-free recipes.

Some easy sewing project patterns and instructions are available at the Crafty For Home Etsy Shop.

Feel free to email me for any suggestions or questions at
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